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Pros and Cons of Buying a Branded Title Car

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Considering buying a branded title vehicle? Good choice! These vehicles can save thousands on comparable non-branded title cars.   


Many branded title vehicles—especially the cars, trucks and SUVs that Autolocity sells—were involved in only minor incidents. After professional restoration, these vehicles are just as safe and reliable as their non-branded counterparts.  

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Branded vs. Salvage Titles

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Once marginalized as an offshoot of the used car market, branded title vehicles are gaining in popularity. And for good reason. Simply put, a professionally restored, branded title vehicle offers more for less.


Savvy car buyers are learning they can afford the car, truck or SUV of their dreams by buying branded.


But what exactly are these vehicles labeled as “branded?” And how do they differ from the often used, or misused, salvage title vehicles?

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